The "Ofishal" Crab Sandwich
Dungeness Crab Ciabatta Date: March 3, 2017

West Coast fishermen have hauled in a steady supply of Dungeness crab this season and the quality has been excellent, which means it is on The Fish Market's menu. Aside from its place in the rich Pacific Northwest seafood heritage, we like to think of this meaty, sweet crustacean as the "ofishal" crab of The Fish Market.

You may think of it in its whole state, steamed or roasted, sectioned and added to our famous cioppino or removed from its shell and served simply as a cocktail or topping a Louie salad. However, it is also the feature of our most popular sandwich. The Dungeness Crab Ciabatta includes chilled crab lightly dressed with a diced vegetable and seasoned mayonnaise mix, sliced avocado, ripe tomato, chopped lettuce, and smoky bacon, all between a toasted ciabatta roll. Accompanied by your choice of French fries or fresh fruit, it arrives as a West Coast lunch classic.

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