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Santa Clara

Santa Clara


To our Fish Market friends and family,

The last two years have been a very difficult time for us all. Much has changed in the world and
at The Fish Market as well. Despite the progress made on the fight against the COVID-19 virus,
there are still many lingering effects that have frustrated our efforts to reopen our Santa Clara

With the uncertainty of the economic times and the current labor shortage, our ownership has
decided that we will permanently close our Santa Clara location. We realize that this is an
unexpected development and I can assure you that we have explored every option to avoid
making this decision.

We have had an amazingly long and proud history at our Santa Clara location since our opening
in 1979. We have been blessed to have had such a dedicated and loyal group of employees and
feel honored that so many have chosen to make the Fish Market Santa Clara their place to
work. Our success is owed entirely to them.

We are grateful that so many millions of guests chose to dine us over those many years. Our
aim has always been to provide the highest quality seafood and a memorable dining experience
and it has been our pleasure to do so for our guests. We invite all who enjoyed the hospitality
at Santa Clara to join us in our locations in Palo Alto and San Mateo.

Ownership will begin the process to find a new tenant for the property and, sadly, the “big red
fish” sign will soon be coming down.

Dwight Colton