When it comes to seafood, freshness is everything. That’s why we have our own seafood processing and distribution facility, Farallon Fisheries. What started out as a wholesale operation out of a small shack on the docks near Half Moon Bay, now–from its current South San Francisco location–purchases, processes and distributes a significant portion of the seafood served in our restaurants. Farallon’s purchasing arm extends worldwide to ensure only the highest-quality seafood reaches our kitchens and customers.

The centerpiece of the Fish Market experience.

Our retail market lets guests take home live, fresh and frozen seafood straight from our boats and fisheries. But more than a store, the market is a showcase of the artistry that makes The Fish Market so special. Watch our experts ensure every piece of fish meets every test for freshness, from the eyes and gills to the scales and flesh.

To go.

Here, you can order menu items to go, including large-size containers of steaming clam chowder, sushi rolls, and fresh-baked loaves of sourdough bread. Or, pick a catch to cook at home and let a chef offer their tips for a perfect meal. Ready-to-eat cold-smoked Nova lox and hot-smoked salmon, trout and albacore are big sellers as well, and December also brings in a bounty of fresh whole Dungeness crab.

To savor.

Local, seasonal and international specialties are all in our repertoire. And with each offering in our restaurants and markets, we go to great lengths and tend to the finite details so that our guests can enjoy the most pristine gifts the sea has to offer. What can we catch for you today?