Each of our restaurants features a retail seafood market. The retail case is a showpiece to guests entering the restaurant. It not only highlights the items featured on our menu, it also offers the finest selection of high-quality fresh fish and other live, fresh and frozen seafood items available for you to take home and prepare in your kitchen or on the outdoor grill. Also, from the retail market you may order almost any item off the menu to go, including large-size containers of steaming clam chowder, sushi rolls, and fresh loaves of sourdough bread.

Ready-to-eat cold-smoked Nova lox and hot-smoked salmon, trout, albacore and swordfish are big sellers out of the retail market. We produce a limited number of smoked fish gift boxes during the holiday season, which we sell from the retail market in the restaurants. December also brings in a bounty of fresh whole Dungeness crab. Our annual crab sale is an especially popular holiday tradition for our guests in Northern California.

Our retail market staff has expert seafood training and knowledge, and is there to assist you and answer your questions about seafood selection, handling and preparation. The retail markets are generally open one hour before the restaurant opens for lunch.