Update on our Northern California Locations

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Dear Valued Guests, 

It is with a heavy heart that we announce today the upcoming closures of our two Northern California locations – Palo Alto and San Mateo. The difficult decision to cease operations at these locations is due in part to changing market conditions, and other factors influencing The Fish Market’s ability to continue to provide the high-quality seafood dining experience we built our legacy on. 

For nearly five decades, we have remained committed to our founders’ mission of providing the highest-quality, freshest, expertly-prepared seafood in a friendly atmosphere . However, with redevelopment imminent for both of the properties we currently lease, we have chosen to preserve the memory of our founders – and the memories created by millions of guests over the years – by closing in a fashion that upholds the restaurant’s original integrity and vision. We want to thank our loyal, Northern California guests  for their support over the years. Most of all, we’d like to thank our team members, past and present. They are the true heart of our restaurants and we owe our accomplishments over the last 47 years to them.

Both restaurants, as well as our fishery, Farallon in South San Francisco, will close in September of this year. The restaurants will remain operational for both full service dining and as seafood markets through those dates. In August, the locations will feature weekly specials of favorite menu items offered over the years as a tribute. In September, a Commemorative Menu will be unveiled as a farewell gesture to our guests. Following the closures, The Fish Market will be conducting a public, online auction of memorabilia. A link to access the auction will be available in the FAQs below approximately two weeks prior to closing.

We encourage those with physical and electronic gift cards to use them by visiting Palo Alto and San Mateo in the next few months. Any remaining gift cards will be honored at the remaining Southern California locations, Del Mar and the downtown San Diego waterfront.

The Fish Market was built upon treating employees and guests like family. Not only are we fully committed to supporting our staff through this transition process, we want to celebrate with and express gratitude to our guests at both locations before we bid farewell. If you have a Fish Market memory you’d like to share with us, please get in touch here

For more information about closure dates and promotions, please review the FAQs below and follow @thefishmarkets on Instagram and Facebook for continued updates.

Best Wishes, 

Dwight Colton

President, Fish Market Restaurants

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Northern California Restaurant Closure FAQ

  • Why are you closing your Palo Alto and San Mateo restaurant locations?

The decision to close these locations is due in part to changing market conditions, imminent real estate redevelopment and other factors influencing our ability to continue to provide the high-quality seafood experience our founders built their legacy on. 

  • On what dates will Palo Alto and San Mateo close?

Both locations are scheduled to close in September of this year – with Palo Alto closing on September 13 and San Mateo closing on September 20

  • Can I still make a reservation or book an event?

Absolutely! We will be taking reservations and event bookings until our last few days of operations at both locations. Please know that our menu may abbreviate as we get closer to closing, but our signature dishes will remain available.

  • Will my gift card still be valid?

Each closing location will accept physical and electronic gift cards for purchases through their last day of operations. Our Southern California locations will continue accepting Fish Market gift cards indefinitely. 

  • What does this mean for my rewards account?

You will be able to continue accruing points and redeeming valid (unexpired) earned rewards at both Northern California locations through closing and in Southern California afterward. 

  • Will we be able to order takeout from The Fish Market in the final months?

Takeout will be available in person or by phone order only.

  • Is there any merchandise or memorabilia available for purchase as a souvenir?

Each location is conducting a public, online auction of memorabilia and kitchen equiptment. You can view links for all of the auctions here.

  • I have a special memory of time spent at The Fish Market. What’s the best way for me to share it?

This is a time of reflection for us, and we understand it may be for many of our loyal guests, current and past team members as well. We’d love to hear how we’ve been a part of your life. Click here to share your memory privately, or let us know it’s okay to share it publicly and we’ll select a couple each week to publish on social media. 

  • What is happening to the closure locations?

Both the Palo Alto and San Mateo locations are slated to be redeveloped as housing projects. Our understanding is that both projects are working their way through their respective city’s planning process. 

  • Will there be any operational changes at the two Southern California locations?

There are no changes  anticipated for Del Mar or San Diego at this time.