Memories from San Mateo Fish Market

We asked Bay Area Fish Market guests to share the memories they’ve made in our restaurants over the last 41 years. We were amazed by the outpouring of reflections, special moments and good times guests reached out to have recognized. We posted just a small selection to social media, but the full collection of memories shared for our San Mateo location are shared here.

Thank you to every guest who not just shared a memory, but who choose to make memories with us. It’s been our absolute pleasure to serve you.

Memories are alphabetic by the first letter of the name provided. Did we miss or miscategorize your memory? Email us at [email protected] to have it corrected. Please note Palo Alto Fish Market Memories were shared on a separate blog post.

Adam and Burt Berenstein

In the early 2000’s – Michelle ran the Lunch run at the Oyster Bar (San Mateo Fish Market) – Regulars like us lined up for a “seat at the bar” – Michelle entertained all comers with a smile and down home small talk!

Best of all Michelle had her own special lunch menu! She made an over the top Shrimp and Bacon Sandwich! (with special wasabi aioli, on a toasted roll – Fish Market bread is THE BEST.)

She made our sandwich, all while shucking oysters for one order and wilting spinach with shallots and white wine for someone else’s hot spinach salad!

Michelle always was holding 3 conversations, remembering where we left off last week. Michelle’s sandwich was just about the BEST LUNCH WE HAVE EVER HAD!

We miss sitting at the Oyster bar for lunch and a cocktail or two, we miss Michelle, and we definitely miss her special Shrimp sandwich!

Menu Favorite: Special Shrimp Sandwich (by Michelle – The Oyster Bar)

Alan I

Oh I loved that fish and you cooked it perfectly.

Menu Favorite: Blackened Ono

Alan Kornfield

So many Memories going back 30 years. I dated my wife both before and after our marriage at the bar and restaurant here, sitting both inside and outdoors. Always a favorite for special occasions and standard “board-at-home” occasions.

Menu Favorite: Crabbey Cheesey Garlic Bread

Anastasia and Jackson Stodgel

A wonderful date night spot for me and my husband.

Menu Favorite: Fresh Catch Scallops

Angela Tsang

I have been coming to the Fish Market in San Mateo for the past three decades. Their menu selection is fantastic. Fish items are always fresh. Staff members are always nice. I brought my kids here and they have now all grown up. Our best memories were the beautiful view, and feeding the ducks at the dock after lunch. The closing of this restaurant will be very sad for us.

Menu Favorite: Garlic Cheesy Bread

Annette S

Long time staff and servers always the best. We’ve had many birthdays, graduations, family reunions, business events, girlfriends night out, met friends and family for amazing times with awesome food over at least 30 plus years!

Menu Favorite: Clam Chowder, Cheesy Bread w/crab, Blackened Swordfish

Arlene Sanford

I am so sad to see you gone! My husband John Sanford in 1984 asked me to marry him there! That was the best day of my life! We got married in 1987! Still married. I’m here tonight with my daughter and her boyfriend of 7 years! . . .We will miss you forever !

Menu Favorite: Everything!

Beth Raphael

I’ve been coming here since the 60s with my favorite aunt. Now with my boyfriend. It’s always like being with family here.

Menu Favorite: Grilled petrale sole

Candy Clark

I’ve enjoyed many wonderful lunches here with my mom and siblings and dinners with my husband and friends. We even had my daughter’s wedding shower lunch here this past March. It was always our go-to place. We will miss this place so much.

Menu Favorite: Crab and shrimp Louie and cheesy garlic bread

Carol Edson

Our older daughter came home for the first time from college on the east coast in December 2001. Our family plus several close friends met here after fetching her from SFO. It was a magical dinner- her excitement about school plus fabulous food and service. We have returned many many times since for family milestones. A recent visit was to introduce our new granddaughter to the family! Again wonderful service and stellar food. We will miss you so much. Wishing you all the best.

Menu Favorite: Louie salad, scallops and salmon


My husband and I had our 3rd date seated by the fireplace. . .over 20+ years ago. We will miss you!!

Menu Favorite: Clam chowder and calamari

Cheryl Blalock

My husband and I went on our first dinner date at Upstairs at the Fish Market in October 1991!

Menu Favorite: Red chowder, mahi mahi sliders, ichiban of ahi


Love this location, servers and quality!

Menu Favorite: Oysters and scallops!

Christine Domingo

So many happy memories there. But the last one was today with my BFF and our husbands. Thanks for the memories.

Menu Favorite: cheesey gaic bread!!

Christine Niccoli

This was our favorite go-to restaurant for celebration and no special occasion. We always ate upstairs at Top of the Market. I’m so bummed you’re closing!

Menu Favorite: Salmon with a garlic-soy sauce combo on the side. Ordered it for years even when it went off the menu.

Ciselle Bucsit

I’ve been going to the fish market for 25+ years. It is my son’s favorite restaurant and he is now 14. When he was 2 years old, after lunch he couldn’t wait to go onto the dock to feed the ducks. He made sure to save a piece of bread for the ducks every time. There used to be a bench outside and we would sit for hours watching the ducks. The staff even served us drinks and desserts outside. My son even chose to have his party there when he was 7. Love this place! We will truly miss coming here for our family gatherings.

Menu Favorite: Cheesy crab bread, oyster rockefeller, fish tacos, love the scalloped potatoes, shrimp/crab louie

Colleen Anderson

I truly enjoyed visiting all 4 of the stores. Throughout the last 7 years, getting to see my daughter grow from a hostess to a manager and seeing her ambition in what she did. I truly will miss the view and the people here in San Mateo.

Menu Favorite: Louie Salad

Dan Basinski

After powering through a 10 hour drive from Las Vegas to the bay I was starving looking for something unique to the area. Randomly found the fish market. Came in alone knowing no one and ordered what’s now one of my all time favorite dishes, the swordfish. Will never forget that perfect evening. Thank you.

Menu Favorite: Swordfish

Dan Mason

My dad was a Snowbird and would visit me as he drove to and from Oregon and Palm Springs. It was tradition to have Dinner at the Fish Market. He is no longer with us but I will always remember the good time with him at the Fish Market

Menu Favorite: Cioppino

Darin Martin

Too many! But I remember sharing dessert on the rooftop with other employees.

Menu Favorite: Pesto Prawns and Pasta


So many wonderful people and memories, and I still keep in touch with many of them, oh yeah, I met my lovely wife there too.

Menu Favorite: Ichiban or clams casino or cheesy garlic bread or cajun swordfish or or or or …

Deborah, Will, and Avery Eberli

My husband and I had our first date there 7 years ago. He also took me to Top of the Market when we got engaged. We have a 3 year old daughter now and her first restaurant experience was at San Mateo Fish Market. On top of all that, we both have many fond memories of food and family at Fish Market. We will miss it so much!

Menu Favorite: Calamari Steak and Crab Cakes

Diane Cassano

My dad & I frequented the San Mateo Fish Market since it opened. We had many family celebrations there & introduced our favorite waterside restaurant to many friends & family. The staff was always great about accomodating his gluten free diet. His “go to” menu item was the combination skewers but recently I won him over to the cioppino. The only downside is I had to start sharing mine! I love the market too & regularly grab a pint of tartar sauce, shrimp, sourdough & cioppino to go. You will be missed but many great memories will live on.

Menu Favorite: Cioppino


Fish Market was my go-to lunch and dinner spot for fun and work. I “found” the San Mateo location when looking for a place to live in the mid 1980s and loved the spot. Water front with outdoor dining made this location ideal.

Menu Favorite: Au gratin potatoes


I have spent many of my birthdays at the San Mateo Fish Market since they opened. It has always been one of our favorite places for family gatherings. I live in the south bay now and its location is great for meeting my friends that still live in San Mateo area for happy hour. We will all miss it so much. Guess I will need to fly to San Diego to get my Cheesy Garlic bread fix now.

Menu Favorite: Mahi sliders

Ed Belcher

Back in 2013 we were returning from Europe. Our neighbors picked us up at airport and took us to lunch here. The wife passed away a few years later. It was a great memory of a day.

Menu Favorite: Salmon Caesar

Erin Hartzell

Our family treat was always a trip to the Fish Market. My dad would dig into a Duckets Bucket proclaiming how delicious every bite was. We had countless birthdays and celebrations over the past three decades at the Fish Market and I can’t imagine it not being a part of the future as it has been so significant in our past. We love you and will treasure a lifetime of memories.

Menu Favorite: Pasta Marinara and garlic cheesy bread

Eliott Mass

The last day Pan American Airways closed . My wife Sherry at that time and a co worker (Drake) Ex Navy Seal went there for a last sort of supper

Menu Favorite: Seabass

Eric & Frances Romero

Every year my husband and I come on our anniversary which is November 21st. We always order the bread and cheesy garlic spread for our parties and our first Valentine’s Day day dinner was here in 1987. We came here with our widower grandfather until he passed. We have so many birthdays we’ve also celebrated here and it is our favorite go-to. We even came during Covid where we sat outside with a limited menu and everything ordered by the QR code. Wish you weren’t leaving us

Menu Favorite: Mahi Mahi, cheesy garlic bread, oysters on the half shell, steamed clams

Faiza Saeed

Fish market was our go to place for birthdays and celebrations. We are going to miss you and please comeback. If possible please share your New England clam chowder recipe. Appreciated!

Menu Favorite: Clam chowder and smoked trout

Felicitas Chamorro

My husband took me here on our first date which was over 35 ago. We always go here for our wedding anniversary. But we go monthly for sure I can’t believe you won’t be there anymore. So sad wishing you all good luck in your future adventures.

Menu Favorite: We love the cheesy garlic bread and would love the recipe. We always start with the clam chowder white for me and red for my husband. I love the halibut he loves the prawns. We always end with the chocolate covered strawberries.

Ford F (age 8)

Trying oysters with my whole family.

Menu Favorite: Clam chowder

Fred & Barb Harper

Have many, from all the locations. San Mateo in November 2013 OUTDOORS in our mild weather! 2014 Celebrating Barb’s birthday. Sept. 2015 celebrating a sister’s birthday and that Marge had just turned 100 in July. June 2021, celebrating our 46th Anniversary!

Menu Favorite: Grilled swordfish, cajun-style

The Fungs

My husband used to take our 4 kids here at least once 2-3 times a month for years when they were growing up. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the salmon, pasta and the bucket along with cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes as a side order. Not to mention the yummy au gratin potatoes. Our family will certainly miss this place and we wish everyone the best of luck.

Menu Favorite: The good old Duckett’s Buckett

Gary Bortolotto

Used to go water skiing in the lagoon and then after that, come to The Fish market and sit at the oyster bar and eat and drink till closed.

Menu Favorite: Oyster, San Lucas, and the swordfish

Glen Archibald

Been coming here since 1993 and this was my departed wife and mine favorite restaurant. We would come once a month if not more.

Menu Favorite: Cheesy garlic bread with crab meat

Gloria Holleman

For over 30 years Holleman’s and Bachman’s have been coming to the Fish Market for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other special occasions! We will cherish those memories forever.

Menu Favorite: Cioppino and Crab Louie

Hans Boeving

At age 83, I often drive all the way from Nevada to dine at the Fish Market on the water in San Mateo, CA en route to see my granddaughter. On one particular visit, the power went out and smoke from grill filled the entire restaurant. While all other customers fled for the doors, I wasn’t going to miss my favorite meal! The manager came around and saw I was still seated. He said, “You sure are determined to finish your meal inside.” I ate my entire meal in the dark, then the manager said he’d comp my meal since I had weathered the smoke and had driven so many miles for THE best chowder and cheesy garlic bread!

Menu Favorite: New England clam chowder & cheesy garlic bread

Helen Mickiewicz

We had many lovely meals by the water. The Fish Market staff were superb. Once, many years ago, when the meal I ordered was sold out, the waitperson told me I could have anything else from the menu on the house. Another time, our meal (for four people) was delayed more than 45 minutes. The manager gave us the entire dinner on the house. No other restaurant took such good care of its customers. And the food was always great! WE WILL MISS YOU!!

Menu Favorite: Poke, Manhattan clam chowder, calamari steak

Ingomar Weber

Have been coming to the Fish Market since my Childhood

Menu Favorite: Mahi Mahi

Jan B

Many years ago, I brought my friend, Mike, to The Fish Market! He ordered Duckett’s Buckett. He loved it and loved the named. He talked about that for years to come!


Arriving at “0 dark hundred” (the sun wasn’t even up yet when we arrived to get in line) on Christmas Eve morning to join the lines of other folks waiting for The Fish Market to open so we could buy our fresh crab for Christmas Eve dinner. Once the doors opened the line would make its way through the bar and around to the retail counter. Crab and sourdough bread – what more could a person want? The Fish Market always did it right…serving cookies, coffee, and a little liquid libation to those of us who braved the early morning. Wonderful memories!!

Menu Favorite: Duckett’s Bucket, Cheesy Garlic Bread

Jan Walker

My husband and I would drive to San Mateo from San Francisco for our birthdays, our anniversary, and just to enjoy the delicious food. We’ve been attending for the last five years and it is our favorite restaurant!
We have had some amazing conversations in the parking lot or in the restaurant with customers and with employees and we are so sorry that they are closing! We still have time to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary on July 31, 2023. Thank you for the memories!

Menu Favorite: My husband loves the halibut and I love the sole. It was especially delicious when they made the meals with sweet potato fries and the Asian String Beans were also delicious!


I lived at Edge Water Isle back in the day….1997-1999, that condo was my first real estate purchase & I regret ever selling it. We would walk to The Fish Market; it was one of mine and my husband’s first dates. I moved from that condo & now we own in Moss Beach. What’s so interesting is there was never a coast side restaurant comparable to The Fish Market. We live on the ocean and still the best fish restaurant is The Fish Market!!!! I am heart broken you are closing, such great memories there!!!!
We have a reservation this Thursday….
xo- Jana

Menu Favorite: Dean’s Prawns

Jane Robles

My Mother’s 100th Birthday celebration at the Fish Market in 2014. She lived another 7 years!

Jeanne Sartor

Several birthdays celebrated here. However, the regular lunches in the bar room for the past 5 years have each been special within themselves. Good food and great staff have made for wonderful memories. You will be missed.

Menu Favorite: Cioppino

Joe Yanacek

My mom passed several years ago but when she came to visit from Pennsylvania we would always come to San Mateo. It was our night. We shared a Duckett’s Buckett, a bottle of wine and we each enjoyed lobster tails. Those nights hold such warm and wonderful memories. Thank you!

Menu Favorite: Duckett’s Buckett, Lobster Tail, Halibut

Jon Nelson

I remember working at the Top of the Market on October 17th 1989. I was sitting at the bar right before service. I felt this jolt, a server and I looked at each other and the the whole building started shaking. So she bolted down the front stairs and I bolted down the back ones. At the bottom of the stairwell was the lobster tank. I remember seeing lobsters getting tossed around like rag dolls. The chandelier was moving side to side and in a flash people came pouring out of the building. I looked over at the lagoon and water was splashing onto the parking lot. I looked up at the Highway 92 overpass and could see the light polls swaying back and forth like little branches in the wind. It’s [one of] my most vivid memories of The Fish Market. There are many others but I remember being there for the Loma Prietta earthquake.

Menu Favorite: Duckett’s Buckett

Judy (My father is: Brad Baruh) Colton

My 97-year-old father and I try to have lunch at least once a month at The Fish Market. I commute over an hour to see him once a week and when we can go out to lunch, we choose The Fish Market. We always request our favorite table, #74 in the greenhouse, but will sit in other areas. He is the founder and creator of Marine World and loves sitting by the water sharing his many stories. We always order our favorite, the steam mussels loaded with garlic. The best! Occasionally my stepmother or husband will join us, but most of the time it is just my father and me. Our time together talking, sharing, enjoying the view of water and planes on final approach, and good food is something I will always treasure. Thank you for the memories!

Menu Favorite: The steamed mussels with garlic. The best!

Julie Aliamus Pineda

My parents’ 60th wedding anniversary family celebration!

Menu Favorite: Salmon

June Dayao

This is the first restaurant my husband took me to for our very first date in 1989. We have been going there for lunches and occasional dinners ever since! Lunch served at the outside near the water will always be part of our memories about our favorite place to eat seafood.

Menu Favorite: Fish with two sides, crab cakes, duckett’s buckett

Karen Byrnes

My kids, who are now parents, loved coming here. We all loved the cheesy garlic bread! We would try to make it at home, but it was never as good as having it here! We will miss you!

Menu Favorite: Cheesy garlic bread!

Karilyn Collini

The San Mateo location was one of my now husband and I’s first dates.

Menu Favorite: Petrale Sole

Kathy Frey

1993 First Date with my now husband of 37 years (2 Kids and 4 grandchildren)

Menu Favorite: Baked oysters Rockefeller

Kathy Kerwin

Last anniversary meal there outside with my late husband. Memories.

Menu Favorite: Any fish dish was always a favorite

Kathy Nicholl

Stopping after work and getting a quart of clam chowder and French bread. I am here tonight with my husband and my 93 year old Mother who is very sad to see you close. Today is my Dad’s birthday. He passed in 2015 and loved this restaurant. We are celebrating his day at your restaurant. You will be missed!

Menu Favorite: Fried calamari and the French bread

Kathryn Cross

When the Fish Market first opened, I took my Grandmother there for her birthday. I still go there at least once per month ever since! It is my favorite restaurant.

Menu Favorite: Calamari and french fries, fish tacos, Duckett’s Buckett

LLL Girls Sarantopulos

Five ladies went to dinner last night to celebrate our friendship and the fact that we have been to the Fish Market MANY times over the last 20 years. Once again, we had a memorable evening.

Menu Favorite: Cheesy Garlic bread

Laura Lyons

This is a memory for Mr. Les Rodda who date at the Fish Market many times a week right up until he passed away in 2020

Menu Favorite: Clam chowder, cheesy bread and anything with crab

Lillian Oloomi

It goes back 2 generations to my grandpa [who is now] in heaven. He was there every Wednesday and it was his fave; now my fathers, mine and my sister’s fave. It is a staple place with lots of shared memories.♡♡

Menu Favorite: Halibut and mussels

Lisa M

I’ve been coming here since the early 80’s-with various family members. Back in the day if you lived on the water “The Fish Market Boat” would pick you up and bring you back when your meal was done.
My husband and I are beyond devastated that you are closing-we make the drive in from Elk Grove quite often. Our lives will never be the same. We wish every employee the best of luck with your future endeavors. Thanks for the memories and the best food ever! Guess now is a good time to start my diet

Menu Favorite: Linguine Carchiofe

Liz and Louise Karr

Thank you for being our favorite place for a beautiful, delicious outdoor meal that is filled with so many precious memories of being with family and friends! The Fish Market has always been our favorite staycation!!

Menu Favorite: Louie Salad

Loren and Zoila Angeles

I have been eating at The Fish Market for the past twenty five plus years. For the past 22 years, my wife Zoila and I have made it a point to celebrate our wedding anniversary lunch out on the patio. Even one year when you were closed during the pandemic, we bought food from Joe’s and ate it in the parking lot. We would also invite friends to lunch on that day without them knowing that they were celebrating a special occasion with us. We have always left your establishment full and satisfied and with a deep sense of tradition.
We were so very heartbroken and saddened to hear that you are closing, and are not sure what to do on our next anniversary. Thank you to all your fine wait staff and cooks who made The Fish Market the place to be in Foster City!
Thank you for all the wonderful memories!

Menu Favorite: Blackened Cajun Catfish, Fried Calamari, California Rolls, The Garlic Bread and Assorted Bread Basket, The Bee’s Knees Spritz, Creme Brulé, Chocolate Mousse

Lori & Manny

Where do I begin. We have been coming here since we discovered it in the 1970s. First in Palo Alto and then in San Mateo. When we decided to move out of SF, it played a big part in helping us decide where we wanted to live. We’ve since shared it with friends and family, brought our wedding party here for dinner. Stayed with it through Covid and love the outside dining especially under the awning on windy afternoons.
Its demise will be a huge loss!!
There is no place like it here!!

Menu Favorite: Trout and swordfish and bread, the wonderful view sitting on the lagoon.

Lori McBride

I have so many fond memories of family gatherings at the San Mateo Fish Market. We loved sitting by the window, or even better, sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful view. It wasn’t until a few years ago that my husband and I started eating at the Top of the Market and really enjoyed that experience until it was closed.

Even just waiting on the bench outside was lovely with all the flowers and pretty plants surrounding the entrance.

The Fish Market is where I shared with my husband that I was pregnant with our second baby (in 1989). That is quite a memory! For 35 years we’ve brought our sons to the Fish Market for special family dinners.

My parents enjoyed dining here, and it’s with fondness I remember our family gatherings to celebrate birthdays or special occasions. My parents are gone. My sister and family moved across the U.S. so I only have the memories.

We held our Nursing Mothers Counsel board appreciation dinner there in 2018, and everyone had such a great time!

When relatives came to visit, we chose the Fish Market for the lovely venue and delicious food. Our last family gathering there was with cousins in 2019 following our son’s wedding.

Most recently, my husband and I celebrated our 45th anniversary there alone and then on another date with close friends.

I know good things come to an end, but it sure is sad. I will treasure my memories from over 40 years of dining at the Fish Market.

Menu Favorite: Prawn cobb salad

Magnus Marshall

I loved coming here with my family a few times years and years ago. I also came with my grandma multiple times in the past years and now we’re making out last visits. Amazing food and atmosphere. We will miss it.

Menu Favorite: Dungeness Crab Cioppino

Maria Mavridis

Birthdays, graduations, all sorts of special events and milestones were celebrated here.

Menu Favorite: Pasta con nova


Spanning several decades, including celebrating many birthdays, it was always fun to select a delicious meal from the daily printed menu.

Menu Favorite: Chocolate Fish Mints


The night I brought my 3 bratty sisters to dinner (see blog’s featured image).

Menu Favorite: Wild caught salmon season

Mayumi Ishihara

Ingredients are always fresh and so friendly to kids.

Menu Favorite: Grilled Fish and steamed shellfish

Michelle, Stephan, Nicole Ostrowski Fr. Mark & Fr. Oliver Bishop Willet

We always brought our kids for the best clam chowder

Menu Favorite: Halibut and clam chower

MJ Aquino

I repeatedly find myself returning to The Fish Market for your delicious seafood but primarily for the Cheesy Garlic Spread which I buy by the quart! I’ve taken visitors to your restaurant and, just like me, they have become ‘addicted’ to the Cheesy Garlic Spread. When it’s my turn to visit family, I can forget my luggage but not dare forget a quart of their favorite spread. The farthest your quart of deliciousness has gone is Manila, Philippines! I would love the recipe if you decide to share it. 🙂

Menu Favorite: Cheesy Garlic Bread, Fish & Chips, Petrale Sole, Oysters Rockefeller


Started going here in 1986 when I was 25 with my husband who passed away 10 years later. Had my first date with my current husband of 21 years back in 1999. Always fun, relaxing and great food. It will be missed!!

Menu Favorite: Cheesy bread and clam chowder

Moira McDonald

My father, Peter McDonald, ate lunch at your restaurant every Monday-Friday for over a decade. He loved your restaurant, your delicious food and your staff. When my brothers and I were children and would reach a personal accomplishment like good grades, it was our special treat to get to have a meal with our Dad at your restaurant- it was a place full of happy family memories for all of us. My father passed away in 2002 & prior to his death, your staff had the most beautiful bouquet of white lilies sent to his home filling it with the most beautiful scent. The bouquet is still a vivid and positive part of my memory during that especially hard time. Thank you to the Fish Market for being such a positive, welcoming and community oriented place that will hold a special space in my family’s heart, mind and memories. We will miss you!

Menu Favorite: Calamari Steak

Naomi M

The Fish Market was the first restaurant our son ordered off the “adult” menu from. He was so excited to have graduated off the kids menu! We also have celebrated many special occasions there. You will be sorely missed.

Menu Favorite: Catfish and rainbow trout

Noel Erdozaincy

The Fish Market has played an integral role in our family celebrations going back about 25 years (and as a bachelor about 35 years…) from birthdays to holidays, across all seasons, friends still with us as well as now celebrating from another place. Thanks for the memories now and forever!

Menu Favorite: Grilled trout

Pam Blau

Used to go to the San Mateo location with my co-workers from Oracle as I was starting out my tech career. Lifelong friendships were formed over cheesy garlic bread, wine and seafood. Memories that will always be with us sitting outside eating, enjoying each other and looking out at the water. SO sad to see this location close. What a loss to the community. We are aiming to have a reunion there before you close!

Menu Favorite: Cheesy garlic bread

Pam & Dan Carleton

We’ve been coming to the San Mateo Fish Market for over 25 years, from Pleasanton, as it’s been our favorite seafood restaurant since we dont have a good, fresh seafood restaurant near us. We always go to the Del Mar location each year when we’re at our timeshare there. We have alot of growth in the Tri Valley area (Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore. Danville) and I wish you could come out our way but if not, thank you for the great food, service, beautiful setting and all the memories!!

Menu Favorite: Stuffed avocado salad with shrimp and cheesy garlic bread

Pat O’Connor

I remember a great waiter, Terrance Evans. Everyone else was friendly, too, and Terrance stood out.

Menu Favorite: Petrale Sole

Patrick Sullivan

As 40 year customer—I would often eat 5 days a week at the Oyster Bar. Some people thought I picked up my mail there. Sometimes the atmosphere was like the show Cheers. I almost could tell when they hired someone if they were going to make it as part of The Fish Market Family. I often celebrated my birthdays as well as my friends. At one those parties I introduced my friend to his future wife.

“A place where everyone was welcome and friends were developed for Life”

I wish The Fish Market would relocate to my city, Foster City.

From Patrick Sullivan, Vice Mayor of Foster City: My campaign kick-off was at Oyster Bar.

As Past President of Foster City Lions: We thank you for your donations to our Crab Feast

Menu Favorite: It was when Noah was at the Oyster Bar and he would make special orders with scallops, prawns and pasta

Paul Giomi

I’ve been a customer since 1985. I celebrated with a party at the Fish Market my 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th Birthday. Over all of those years there has been a cast of characters who where interesting and fun that have come and gone. The Fish Market was unique in its day and was the place to go to and be seen. In its hay days it was The Place in San Mateo.

Good bye and thanks for the many years of good times and memories.

Menu Favorite: Cioppino at the front Oyster Bar

Quebral, Trinidad & Jesena Families

When we heard the news, we were so sad and knew that we had to go back one last time before closing. For the past 10 years, it has become a tradition for my family to meet for lunch at The Fish Market on New Year’s Day to start off the new year together and enjoy a feast of lobster, cheesy garlic bread, and martinis! Thank you to Fish Market and their staff for all the memories over the years!

Menu Favorite: Cheesy Garlic Bread


This has been one of my families go to lunch places for years. It is pretty much my childhood restaurant.

Menu Favorite: Crab cakes, halibut, au gratin potatoes, and fish and chips

Rick Edson

Our first granddaughter met all my family at a Fish Market luncheon on a perfect sun shiny day! Glorious day on the water’s edge, enhanced by the reliably terrific food.

Menu Favorite: Fresh fish section

Rob Barn

Simon always helping the public, and also the servers.

Menu Favorite: the crab and shrimp salads, fillet of sole, pasta dishes

Rosana Yu

We’ve been taking our twins to the Fish Market in San Mateo since they were babies and we celebrated many milestones there. The girls’ all time favorite is the kid’s fish and chips. Here’s our “older” twin, Audrey, showing how much she enjoyed her dinner!

Thank you for all the wonderful dinners and memories! We’re really going to miss you!

Menu Favorite: Mystique grilled sable fish

Rose Weinreich

My parent’s would go to dinner at The Fish Market almost every Friday night. My husband and I would always go upstairs for our special occasions, and then when our daughters were in their teens, we would bring them to dinner for birthdays, etc. Such a special place in our hearts and so sad to see you close.

Menu Favorite: Petrale Sole, Calamari, Clam Chowder…..everything!

S Foster

The FM in San Mateo has been a staple in our family. It was also the last place I saw my Dad in person a few years back, it was one of his favorite spots. It’s funny how you can put so much sentimentality into a place but this has definitely been an important place for a few generations of our family. Thank you for everything and the community will miss you more than you know.

Menu Favorite: Swordfish Cajun Style & Garlic Bread

Sandra Prado

Lots of Birthdays celebrated here

Menu Favorite: Manhattan Clam Chowder, Crab Cioppino, Baked Oysters Rockefeller

Stacey Lewis

Back in the 80’s I used to ice skate at the new Fashion Island mall which boasted a fancy tented Bullocks and an indoor ice skating rink surrounded by a food court and a movie theater. After morning practices at the rink my dad would take us to lunch where we would sit at the Fish Market Oyster Bar. He would order the cheesy garlic bread and the best New England clam chowder. I always loved the garlic prawns with pasta but more than that, loved the personalized experience. If we wanted something off menu, the chef at the Oyster Bar would make us something special. It was always memorable and unique. The Oysters Rockefeller and creme brûlée were also some more of my favorites and who could ever forget the hand crafted mint fish or daily printed type writer menus to keep up with the fresh catch! We had so many meals at Fish Market over the years. Recently we celebrated my Mom’s 83rd birthday here! Farewell to our fond food memories at Fish Market, like my dad, they will live on in my heart.

Menu Favorite: Cheesy Garlic Bread

Segura Family

Lunch with my siblings.

Menu Favorite: Fish and Chips

Steven Berman

I cooked there for a couple years, at both the front and the back Oyster Bars, Salad Bar and the main grill area back in the late 80’s. Learned how to first shuck oysters and cut ahi tuna sashimi amongst the rest of the menu. Freddie Jr. was the general manager and we all (employees) had a blast together before, during and after work. The holidays where always fun and all the employees would dress up for each one. Memories of [the] au gratin potatoes topped with the fried rice and Tabasco sauce we would eat on break. Had an ongoing bet with Elaine, a manager back then, on how clean I could get the salad bar at closing, and if I passed her test, I could have any dish I chose for dinner. Took me quite a few times but finally got to have a lobster tail for dinner. We used to take the boat and pick up customers around the lagoon and would sometimes take it out late night on the water after hours. All the servers back then were women and the food was awesome. We knew many of the customers by name. I remember serving and making friends with Joe Montana, Dwight Clark and the rest of the Niners back then when they would come in for dinner after a game and would sit at the Oyster Bar. We knew them all by name and they knew us too. After work, many of us employees went to go for drinks across the street at a bar named The Cove! Good crazy times. So many good memories and friendships made! Will miss this place!

Menu Favorite: Crab Cioppino, Deans prawns, Oyster Rockefeller

Steven Meister

We have spent many, many wonderful days and evenings enjoying great service, food and views.

Menu Favorite: Halibut

Susan Hall

In the 80s we ate here almost every Friday night. My dad changed his eating and fish was his go to for his new diet. Every meal was yummy. You did not serve dessert but those 25 cent chocolate mint fish were always purchased. Great memories all these years. P.S. I always wanted to take the boat to arrive but never knew anyone to do so.

Menu Favorite: Cheesy garlic bread, clam chowder, and lingcod with the delicious potatoes

T Cat

We have been going to The Fish Market in San Mateo since the early 1990’s. It was a place for many celebrations from birthdays to anniversaries, to welcoming a baby to our family and sometimes “just because”. We even got food-to-go during the height of the pandemic. The food was prepared well & most of the wait staff were friendly & engaging. We will truly miss eating at the Fish Market & wish everyone working there the best of luck.

Menu Favorite: Crab cakes although we also enjoyed the selection & variety of fish

Teddy Singer

Date nights in 2023 and since 1997 in Palo Alto.

Menu Favorite: Salmon and potato au gratin

Teri Rodgers

Every New Years Day, my mom, sister, and I would meet for lunch. My sister has now passed, and mom has dementia. I still come in to get fish and chips for mom. We loved going there, and will cherish the memories. Thank you, Fish Market staff. Best of luck to you all. You will be missed.

Menu Favorite: Shrimp Louie, Boston Clam Chowder, and French bread

Theresa Williams

I love going here, everything is delicious and fresh!!!

Menu Favorite: Wild fresh petrale sole

Thomas and Robyn Butler

This was our first date in 1985. We are back here celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary! Before this location closes.

Menu Favorite: Garlic prawns

Thomas Kirvin

Every Friday night after work!

Menu Favorite: Steamed mussels at the wet bar!


My husband, Daniel, came here almost daily at end of day for a glass of wine and to sit and enjoy the view.

Menu Favorite: Crusted Petrale Sole


In 1986 my husband and I came here after our wedding. We sat at the Oyster Bar and ate our first meal as a married couple! We love Fish Market!!

Menu Favorite: Oysters Rockefeller


I met people at The Fish Market bar that have been my best friends for over 10 years. Also, I met a man outside the ladies room that became my fiancé. . .we didn’t get married. . .but it was a fun journey that began at The Fish Market. My long time girlfriend from TWA would always celebrate our birthdays at The Fish Market.

Soon, before closing, I will bring my granddaughter to experience the fun, food and beautiful view of the lagoon.
Will miss everyone. Noah, all the beautiful servers and forever Tracey.
Memories will last forever in my heart and mind.

Menu Favorite: Louie Salad, Salmon & crab cakes

Wiblin, Mielke and Fisk Family

Our family always eats here together.

Menu Favorite: Calamari appetizer