Congratulations to Suzanne Fish, General Manager, San Diego Fish Market . . .

. . . on her Retirement after 34 Years!

Suzanne has been the heartbeat of our San Diego Bayfront location since she poured the first drink for a guest on our Opening Day. She embodies the Fish Market Philosophy of Uncompromised Quality far past the suggested meaning of the seafood on a guest’s plate. She has taught countless employees the meaning of true hospitality and showed care, kindness and concern to everyone who has ever worked alongside her or dined at one of her tables.

Here are a few memories shared by guests and team members as she begins the chapter of retirement, sure to be filled with family, gardening, the arts and maybe just a little bit less seafood!

And yes, her last name really is FISH!

Memories are alphabetic by the first letter of the name provided. Did we miss or miscategorize your memory? Email us at [email protected].

Chris Campos

I still remember our interview upstairs. I had already talked to Dan and you were the final yay/nay. TOM was short staffed and needed a server. You told me “We’re going to bring you on but with a caveat. We don’t usually bring servers from the outside straight to TOM. So if it’s not working out we’ll bring you down to The Fish and go from there.”
That was 23 yrs ago! I really cherish the friendship we’ve developed over the years. My girls, Sofia and Lucy, always looked forward to and loved the Halloween and Christmas parties. You always showed genuine interest in my well being as well as that of my family (especially my girls ). You’ve spent so much time looking after The Fish Fam, now it’s time to devote to yourself! Enjoy this next phase as you step away from “The Life”, you so deserve it!
-Chris Campos and Fam
(Monica, Sofia and Lucy)

Don & Toni Crockett

We tried to get to the market before you left to say a proper goodbye, but this email will have to suffice.
Toni and I will always remember the special times we have had at your restaurant. The special dinners, Dungeness crab with Aiden, sushi until we dropped, and all of the delicious wine. You made these events extra special. Who else would create movie posters for guests? Enjoy your retirement. It is well deserved.

Jaimelyn Sapienza

SO MANY [MEMORIES]. Relay for Life – annual Christmas decorating parties – RV trips to the plays and her famous homemade apple chutney – helping her cook for the RBVHS Gala – and so much more!!! Love you, Suz. You truly changed things for us!!

Loretta N

May the sun shine, all day long, everything go right, and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true!

Michael Zulim

I remember her one time that I wasn’t too happy with the service we received one night. I ordered a “virgin bloody mary” I like them as you guys there give shrimp and other garnishes that make it a perfect appetizer starter. Well I told the waitress that I didn’t want any vodka in it and asked how much as I think back them is was like $9.00 or so for a regular BM. She said it was the same price as it is not on the menu without alcohol. I said could I speak with a manger. Well a young man came to our table and said the price is the same as the regular one. I said that doesn’t seem possible so the vodka is literally free? He gave no explanation and said did I want to order one or not. I declined and asked who was the gm there as I would report this the next day. We are long time customers of this restaurant mini-chain. Anyway I called and got ahold of Mrs. Fish. When she answered the call I said Wow you sure have the right last name for your employment. We both laughed. I explained the above situation and she apologized and said that I could have had a “virgin” BM at a reduced price for around $5.00. She invited us back to the restaurant along with her gratitude in giving us a gift card for our return visit. This is the type of customer service that sets the others apart. Mrs. Fish took the initiative and put the customer first. That is why we have never stopped eating at the restaurant and their other ones for that last 20 plus years. When we did come back to the area (we are from Oceanside), we met Mrs. Fish and recalled the phone call and how impressed we were with her and her restaurant staff. Yes, we weren’t looking to get anyone in a situation, just provide a little customer service training. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Fish and her actions we probably wouldn’t have come back. Great job and enjoy your retirement Suzanne. Travel and see that grandson. I have been retired 15 years and enjoy it. Take care dear and have a great retirement. We will try and stop by before the 3rd. Bye now.

Pat Reynolds

Suzanne shared her heartfelt story with me on my last treatment day when we were there on July 7th 2023 celebrating with wonderful non-alc drinks and delish cioppino! Teary-eyed moments, she’s amazing! Wishing Suzanne the very best on the rest of her wonderful life journey! ♥️

Thomas Bouregy

Hey Aunt Suzanne,
My mom just told me about your retiring from The Fish Market and I just wanted to tell you how much I loved that place and appreciated the memories you and it gave me. From countless times going with my family whenever we visited, to bringing my friends, to bringing my girlfriend! I have so many fond memories there, and I have you to thank for all of them. Love you and happy New Year

Thomas K

My wife – Susie – and I were dating when first coming to The Fish Market. It is our favorite SD restaurant!!! We tell everybody about it. When family come to town it is a required visit!!!
This is us with Susie’s sister in the middle enjoying the SD bay from those great tables. The Cioppino is my usual. And we are members now too. Best wishing on your next life adventure!



Vicki K

Dear Suzanne,
For many years, you brought great joy to our lives. You managed a rock of a restaurant that will carry on your legacy for years to come. As your presence will be missed, your spirit will live on in the Market. Enjoy your family, cooking and gardening or nothing and enjoy retirement in life . . .it’s on your schedule now.
Love Cres and Vicki
aka Garlic & Soy

The Wilkies

I remember phoning to set up a family occasion at The Fish Market and asking for the Manager; and the Manager was Mrs. Fish!!! Always enjoyed TFM. We’ll be there NYD with our daughter Michelle and husband Ray from Dallas. We do TFM regularly. Especially and regularly the afternoon the day they leave for the airport to go home; so they can take TFM memories back to TX. Just regular folks who love Mrs. Fish and TFM. Best Wishes to Mrs. Fish! The Wilkies